Please note: Sadly, due to complications with my health I am no longer able to take on any new commissions. This site is just as a historical tool to see all the lovely things I have created over the years. – Dean

My name is Dean Pesticcio, I was born in Cardiff and it was here that Metal Medium was created. I am proud to announce that all my work is 100% produced Welsh Art. This is me

I have been sculpting to order for a few years and this site is part of my progressing onwards and upwards. Most of my work so far has been attained by word of mouth and now I am joining the computer age.

I find that working with metal is very versatile and as a former panel beater it is a medium I am familiar with. I also have paint spraying, mechanical and engineering skills so I’m often asked to undertake some diverse work.

I see art in many applications, I have worked with motorcycles, motorcycle parts, machinery and other practical applications, as well as large animal and human studies.

Welsh Dragon Gate