Golden eagles ‘take flight’ in wales

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
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Proof – if proof were needed – that galvanized steel can be used for a wide range of different applications comes in the shape of two stunning golden eagle sculptures in South Wales.

Both were recently galvanized by Newport Galvanizers , part of UK-wide Wedge Group Galvanizing .

The life-sized eagles – each with wing spans or around 6ft – are the creations of local sculptor Dean Pesticcio, who took most of a year to make them using 10mm steel for the frame, covered with folded sheet steel for the feathers and wings.

The eagles are proudly mounted on a set of gate posts in the grounds of a private house between Newport and Cardiff, and they are just the latest creations made by Dean, who is a skilled panel-beater and metal worker by trade.

He describes his sculptures as “just a hobby”, and in the past has made three dragons, a 7ft wizard, a giant key design and is currently working on a log design to be included in a garden water feature.

The owner of the eagles wanted them to be supplied with a galvanized steel finish and this was achieved successfully by the team at Newport Galvanizers dipping each of the hollow sculptures in the company’s fully-enclosed galvanizing bath, measuring 7m x 1.22m x 3.73m, filled with molten zinc, at their site on Mendalgief Road, Newport.

Mike Small, of Newport Galvanizers , said that although the sculptures were unusual because of the intricate shapes involved, their hollow structure and sufficient vent holes meant the job was well within the capability of the galvanizing process.

According to Dean Pesticcio, one of the main challenges for the owner of the eagles was to have them securely fixed to the gate posts to stop them flying off in high winds!.